Indulge in the authentic Indian flavours at the Sheesh Mahal, The Leela Palace Udaipur's - best fine dining restaurant

Indulge in the authentic Indian flavours at the Sheesh Mahal, The Leela Palace Udaipur's - best fine dining restaurant

Destination dining has been garnering a lot of buzz lately, and why shouldn’t it? Driving up to a gorgeous locale and settling in for a fine dining experience sounds like the perfect plan for a memorable getaway. Not only do you get to soak in the delicious views on offer, but also relish masterfully prepared cuisines, often the best that a region has to offer. 

This is where true connoisseurs of food know that only the perfect combination of destination and delicacies will satiate their desires. In Rajasthan, one such hotspot making a name for itself is Sheesh Mahal at The Leela Palace Udaipur a two-level, open-air fine-dining Indian restaurant overlooking the lake. 

With detailed nuances like eating under the starry sky with views of the glistening lake along with the warm glow of candles, Sheesh Mahal offers an extraordinarily authentic fine dining experience that befits the likes of royals. You get to savour the best of both indulgences: recipes from royal kitchens and magical views of Lake Pichola.  Whether it is a romantic dinner date, a celebratory get-together, or a weekend getaway with the family, Sheesh Mahal ranks high amongst the noteworthy fine dining restaurants in Udaipur.

Let’s take a walk through its array of delectable offerings.

A dream-like culinary setting with old world charms

The lakeside alfresco setting is what separates Sheesh Mahal from other fine-dining places in the heritage city. The Leela Palace Udaipur believes in creating unique dining experiences at their finest, and the view certainly helps with that – especially at night. 

When the sky turns dark and the stars come into view, the cool breeze from the lake and the romantic hue from the candle lights prepare all patrons for an enthralling dining experience right out of a fairy-tale. Chequered marble flooring, golden balustrades and umbrellas with artisanal motifs bring to life a very palatial environment, which is further accentuated by the charming city view from your spot.
And how about having your own personal butler to further infuse luxury into the fine-dining experience? Sheesh Mahal believes in personalising the experience for all their guests, right from course menus to scented candles. A feast for the eyes, the nose and the mouth then turns into a feast for ears too, as live musicians delight your senses with melodies you will keep humming throughout the night. 

Indian flavours at their authentic best – only at the Sheesh Mahal, Udaipur

In the heart of Sheesh Mahal - Udaipur’s culinary maestro, lies the addition of flair to the most popular Indian dishes as well as staying true to the authentic taste of Rajasthani recipes. 

For example, while Laal Maas, which used to be a camping staple of the royals back in the days, does not involve wild boar or deer anymore, it is still a highly authentic rendition of the dish that has evolved into a crowd favourite today. So are the popular Rajasthani mutton curry or the Dal Baati Churma, which remain true to their roots and as delicious as ever. 

For this authenticity and wholesomeness of their local offerings alone, Sheesh Mahal is often mentioned amongst the best fine dining restaurants in Udaipur. If you have a thing for rich, aromatic Indian flavours, be it from Punjab, Rajasthan, or down south, then this is the place to be.    
In that regard, the wonderfully curated a la carte menu will leave you wanting more. Its range of dishes and delicacies is nothing short of epic: Rajasthani appetisers like Peethi Wali Tikki or Surkh Gosht Kebab, main course preparations like Palak Mangodi ka Saag, Tandoor Raan-e- Akbari or Kofta-e-Sheesh Mahal, royal appetisers like Zafrani Malai Seekh or Tabak Maas, and so much more on offer.

And where there is a spread of the best dishes one could imagine, there certainly must be the perfect pairings of drinks to choose from – aperitifs, whiskeys, scotch, tequila, and more. Sheesh Mahal makes sure that your plates are accompanied with a huge assortment of beverages and wines to choose from. 

Best yet, as the best Indian restaurant in Udaipur, Sheesh Mahal truly knows how to provide you with the perfect aftertaste once the meal is out of the way, all thanks to its dedicated dessert menu. Trying irresistible specialties such as Malai Ghewar, Zafrani Rasmalai, Mango Shrikhand, and Bharwan Gulab Jamun, is a must. Not surprisingly, these desserts are crafted by pairing immaculate flavours together to satisfy the sweet tooth of one and all. 

A bevy of experiences at the Sheesh Mahal, Udaipur 

There is so much more to Sheesh Mahal than what meets the eye. While it is hard to divert one’s gaze from the feast on the table, or from the shimmering reflection of the sky on the lake surface, you must give yourself a moment to experience fine dining unlike ever before. 

That means heading out on a culinary adventure quite literally via the Spice walk experience or take a culinary masterclass. The Spice walk is a curated experience where you can explore the local spice markets of Udaipur in the company of Sheesh Mahal’s chef. Then there is the culinary masterclass where you get the opportunity to uncover the secrets of the royal cuisine of Mewar along with the Executive Chef. 

The pinnacle of all fine dining restaurants in Udaipur

Authentic flavours, royal service, and picturesque views of Udaipur’s beauty – all melt into an unforgettable experience at Sheesh Mahal quite seamlessly. 

Since opening to the masses, the oft-labelled best restaurant in Udaipur has skyrocketed into landmark territory. It is a uniquely magical fine dining experience that rightly finds its place in the list of ‘must-have’ experiences in the city. That is what happens when you bring a royal legacy alive and gift it to food lovers in the form of stories and experiences of a lifetime!