Tips to keep your kids busy during the lockdown

Tips to keep your kids busy during the lockdown

The lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic can get to your nerves. This is especially true in the case of kids, who are bubbling with energy. As they are used to playing outside, confining them to the house is going to be a task, indeed! You need to come up with fun activities to keep them engaged in this trying period. Here are a few tips to help you turn this lockdown into a productive and fun time for your kids. 

Camp out
Camping in the wilderness is exciting for children and adults alike. What if you could pitch up a tent in the house? You can design an elaborate camping plan for your kids. Pitch your tent in the corner of your home. Do not have a tent at hand? You can even make do with a makeshift tent made of bedsheets, pillows and blankets. Turn off the lights and pretend that it is night time. You can also make an artificial bonfire with a bulb and some orange wrappers. Make your forest camping setting more authentic by playing the sound of wind and crickets on your phone or music player. You can even play indoor games like chess and scrabble, read books, watch movies inside the tent with them. Prepare picnic meals that you would have during camping and enjoy it inside your cosy tent. In fact, if you have a garden or a backyard, go for garden camping which will appear even more adventurous to your child.

Indiana Jones anyone?
One of the most thrilling games for children is a treasure hunt. Plan a treasure hunt inside your house and see your kids rushing to solve the puzzle! Leave clues and treats around the house in the rooms, behind doors, and in the cupboards. If you wish to make this hunt an educational exercise as well, present your children with simple questions that they must answer. Upon answering all the questions, reward your child with the clue to the next location. Surprise your kids with goodies and gifts as the treasure at the final destination!

Artsy and crafty
This lockdown is the perfect time for the kids to unleash their creativity. Give them crayons, pastels, watercolours and drawing sheets and let their imagination go wild. Drawing will not only help them use their time effectively, but it can also help improve hand-eye co-ordination and concentration. You can also teach them various painting methods, like thread painting, spray painting (using a toothbrush), thumb painting etc. There are many videos online that can help you out. You can even try your hand out along with your child. Another thing you can do is introduce them to DIY crafts. A constructive way of doing this could be encouraging them to make something out of the waste like ice cream sticks, broken objects, and coconut shells, among others. Refer to online videos for more such DIY ideas.

Get their hands dirty
Surprised? Well, gardening is not just for grown-ups! The lockdown is the perfect time to introduce your children to this art. Whether you have a full-fledged garden or potted plants in the balcony, nothing is too small for gardening. Show your kids how to plant a seed, water the plants, cut out the weeds, add fertilizers to the soil and take care of the plants’ growth. As a practice, you can even give them a bottle with soil. In it and ask them to plant their own sapling. Ask them to note down the daily growth of the plants. You can also teach them the process of composting with kitchen waste and adding it as manure to the plants. 

Have fun with books
Reading is one of the best habits that you can inculcate in your child. With increasing exposure to other forms of entertainment, reading has taken a backseat. You can start by telling stories and reading out small tales to them. This exercise stimulates their curiosity, and eventually, you can ask them to read the stories to you. Give them a picture or a short storybook for kids. You can even purchase an ebook online if you do not have a paperback. If your child has difficulties reading, you can also opt for an audiobook. 

Inculcate discipline
Frame a schedule for your child to be followed during the lockdown. Teach them simple exercises, yoga or meditation, which will help them learn the value of good health. Fix their TV and cellphone time, and ask for their help in household chores like cleaning, cooking and arranging the clothes. Also, you must show your gratitude to them when they help you out with a simple ‘Thank You’ or appreciation. This makes happy, encourages them to co-operate and teaches them the significance of gratitude at a young age. Since school has evolved into online classrooms, you can also take time out to help them in their school homework. Also, set aside time for playing indoor games like Chess, Scrabble, or solving Puzzles. Apart from helping them develop their mental ability, they can also give everyone much-needed family time.

The times are sensitive, and it has never been more important to ensure the mental well-being of your kids. Ensure that you check on them often and give them enough time. It may be difficult for you but remember that it can be even more antagonizing for them.