Birthday ideas during lockdown

Birthday ideas during lockdown

The lockdown has us self-isolating in our homes. This is particularly hard, especially for those who have their birthdays coming up during the lockdown. With no getting together and singing happy birthday, no clinking of glasses, no dressing up and partying, even the thought of it is depressing. But this does not mean that you have to forego your celebrations entirely. We give you some ideas to make birthdays of your loved ones extra special during the lockdown:

A night under the stars
Do not worry if you cannot plan an elaborate dinner at a 5-star hotel; Pitch up a tent in the garden or the balcony, switch off all the lights, grab a few blankets and you have a cosy party on your hands! If you do not have a tent, make do with a makeshift one using curtains and bedsheets. You can watch movies or play games in the tent. You can also cook a typical campsite dinner to add to the feel.

Dinner party over a video call
Video calls are the only thing making people feel connected during times of self-isolation. Why not plan a dinner party for the birthday boy/girl over a video call? You can invite friends and family over to the virtual dinner party, and ask them to cook the same dish. Set a theme and a dress code for the party. Make a playlist and play songs over the microphone. You can also play games like Pictionary in between mouthfuls of Pasta or a Lasagna. Make sure to plan the party well beforehand to avoid any last-minute hiccups.

Plan a virtual birthday for your child
The lockdown is affecting our children the most. With no outlet for their overflowing energy, they are bound to get listless and bored. It is but obvious that asking them to stay home for their birthday is going to be tough. So if your child's birthday happens to be during the lockdown, you can have a virtual party. Make e-invites and send across to the family and friends. Ask the parents of your child's friends for assistance in planning an elaborate virtual party. Alternatively, you can stream the cake cutting ceremony online on social media and ask the friends to join in.

Help out the needy
How about helping out the less fortunate this birthday? We see many people donating clothes, necessities and money to ashrams, NGOs and charities on their birthday. In these testing times, the need is even direr. With no work, daily wage workers are short of even everyday essentials. You can plan a donation drive with specially prepared food kits and distribute them among the needy. Alternatively, you can prepare food and distribute it. However, make sure that you take necessary permissions beforehand and maintain social distancing.

A romantic dinner
If you are planning a birthday for your partner, why not make it a romantic date night? The most important thing when planning a date night at home is the setting. Start with decorating the room where you are planning on having dinner. Light candles around the room and dim the lights for a romantic setting. Make a playlist of romantic songs and play them in the background to set the mood. Cook an elegant dinner for your partner. If you cannot cook, get home delivery from any restaurant that is open. Plate it elegantly, pour some wine if there is any, and you are set. If you are enterprising, you can even bake him/her a mini-cake. Watch your partner go weak in the knees when they see the efforts that you have taken.

Plan a treasure hunt
Have you already purchased a birthday gift? Why not make it extra special and add an element of surprise to it? Place post-it notes and clues throughout the house and lead the birthday boy/girl slowly to the place where you have hidden the gift. If you have not thought of a gift yet, you can purchase a gift card for their favourite store or a 'staycation' package for use after the lockdown ends. You can even go that extra mile and prepare a gift from scratch- think photo album, handwritten letter or postcards, or other memorabilia from the experiences you have had together.
Whichever idea you decide to go for, make sure that you do not take unnecessary risks. Do not make plans that involve going outside. If you have to venture outside, make sure that you wear a mask and adhere to the social-distancing norms and obey the law at all times.