Fun games to enjoy during lockdown

Fun games to enjoy during lockdown

Staying at home in the lockdown is sure to become monotonous and boring before long. It is during times like these that you can connect with your family over simple games that you can play at home. Try your hand out at these games to make your lockdown with your family more exciting and fun.

This classic board game has been a family-favourite for ages. You roll a dice to move around the game board. The board is littered with trades to be made and properties to be purchased and developed. You collect money as rent, as well as for the properties sold and while trading. You can even go to jail on the board. The aim is to drive your opponent to bankruptcy. The online Monopoly is fun too. You can invite more players, and you do not have to deal with physical pieces; hence, there is no chance of making a mess. It is a fun and engaging game that you can play with your family during the lockdown.

UNO- the card game that is loved by all! You can play with physical cards or enjoy the online version. The game has different colours and cards with numbers and some special cards. The aim is to finish your cards before the others. It is a fun game that can generate excitement on an otherwise dull evening.

Pictionary is a family classic that requires a piece of paper or drawing board and writing material. The point is to guess what the person is trying to communicate through the pictures they draw. The fun part is that no words, numbers, gestures or verbal/non-verbal cues can be used. There are bound to be a few cheaters in every game. You can add in some interesting penalties or punishments for those who cheat, like drawing with their non-dominant hand for a round.

Online Ludo
This game has caught quite the fancy ever since the lockdown announce. It takes the much loved classic games online. You can join three others in an online match. The online Ludo games also have the in-game chat feature wherein you can tease the losers or gossip as you play. It is a great way to connect with friends and family, especially for those who are staying away.

Dumb charades
This classic game which has been the life of sleepovers can rescue you from boredom during the quarantine. This is particularly a favourite of the movie buffs. You can form two or more teams. A person from one side takes a movie name from the other and enacts it out without speaking out loud. The rest of the team members have to guess the movie correctly. Pair this game with food and drinks, and you have the perfect evening.

Musical chairs
The lockdown has you sitting in one place for hours without any physical activity. How about you change that with a game of musical chairs. A favourite at birthday parties, you need to set chairs in a line, with every adjacent chair facing the opposite side. The participants then walk around the chairs as the music plays. As soon as the music stops, everyone has to sit down on the nearest chair. The one who cannot find a place loses.