The great Ashtamudi Lake – Truly a landscape beauty in Kerala

The great Ashtamudi Lake – Truly a landscape beauty in Kerala

Ashtamudi Lake is one of the most stunning landscapes in the state of Kerala, in southern India. Located in the Kollam district, this magnificent lake is the second-largest in Kerala, covering an area of around 61 square kilometers. The lake is a unique wetland ecosystem that combines both freshwater and saltwater, making it a biodiversity hotspot. The lake is situated at the union of eight rivers, hence the name "Ashtamudi," which means eight braids in the local language.

Let us have a glance at the pleasures of the glorious Ashtamudi Lake in Kerala:

The beauty of Ashtamudi Lake - The lake is engulfed amidst lush green hills, coconut palms, and picturesque villages. It is also a home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, including migratory birds, fishes, crabs, and prawns.

One of the best ways to explore the beauty of Ashtamudi Lake is through a boat ride. Various types of boats are available for tourists, including houseboats, motorboats, and canoes. During the boat ride, visitors can witness the stunning sunset over the lake, spot various birds and animals, and get a glimpse of the local life of the people living in the nearby villages. Visitors can also enjoy a traditional Kerala-style lunch or dinner served on a banana leaf while on a boat ride.

Fun-filled lakeside - The Ashtamudi lake is also a hotspot for activities like kayaking, fishing, and birdwatching. Kayaking in the lake is a perfect way to explore the smaller canals and get up close with the flora and fauna. Fishing is also a popular activity, with visitors enjoying the traditional fishing methods like using Chinese fishing nets or casting a net in the shallow waters. Birdwatching is a treat for wildlife enthusiasts, as the lake is home to many species of migratory and resident birds.
The lake is also famous for its traditional houseboats or Kettuvallams. These houseboats are made of locally sourced materials like bamboo and coir, and they offer a luxurious and comfortable stay on the lake. 
The houseboats have one or two bedrooms, a living area, and a kitchen, and they are equipped with modern amenities like air conditioning facility and a television. Visitors can hire a houseboat for a day or an overnight stay and enjoy the scenic beauty of the lake while enjoying the delicious Kerala cuisine.

Cultural hub - Ashtamudi Lake is also a cultural hub, and visitors can witness the vibrant cultural events that take place here. The annual Ashtamudi Lake Festival is a popular event, where visitors can enjoy various cultural programs, including traditional dance forms like Kathakali and Mohiniyattam. The festival is also an opportunity to try traditional Kerala food and shop for local handicrafts.

The lake is also a home to many small islands that can be explored by boat. The Munroe Island, located in the middle of the lake, is a popular destination among tourists. The island is named after Colonel Munroe, a British resident who developed the island for agriculture during the colonial era. Visitors can explore the island on a canoe and experience the traditional lifestyle of the locals.

In conclusion, Ashtamudi Lake is a true gem carving Kerala's landscape beauty, offering visitors a serene and peaceful experience amidst nature's bounty. The beauty of the lake lies in its pristine surroundings, diverse flora and fauna, and traditional lifestyle of the locals. Visitors can explore the lake through various activities like boat rides, kayaking, and fishing or experience the luxurious houseboat stays. 

The cultural events and small islands around the lake offer a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of Kerala. A visit to Ashtamudi Lake is a must for anyone visiting Kerala and experiencing the state's natural beauty and cultural richness.