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Buffet in Goa try The Restaurant at The Leela Goa

As they say, the best way to experience a place is through its local cuisine. The same applies to Goa. During your time in the state, you can sample the most exquisite seafood, tasty meat preparations and exciting vegetarian food at the restaurants in Goa. However, if you have cravings for a Biryani, or pasta or even Noodles, you need to head to The Restaurant at The Leela Goa. The all-day restaurant serves you cuisine from every part of the world - from spicy Asian to authentic Italian cuisine, along with local Goan fare.

Perfect for a cosy date or dinner with your family, read on to know why you should visit The Restaurant at The Leela Goa.

The Restaurant is located on the lobby level of The Leela Goa. In a verandah-like setting adjacent to the pool, The Restaurant opens up to scenic views of the golf course. The open seating also gives you an uninterrupted view of the Arabian Sea. The classy pool-side dining place redefines luxury dining with comfortable dining spaces and a laid-back classy ambience. You can opt for a cosy dinner under the stars in the alfresco area of the restaurant; or choose to dine in the air-conditioned dining area.

Food and drink options
Apart from breakfast, lunch and dinner, this restaurant in Goa also offers you a brunch option. The Restaurant serves authentic dishes made with freshly sourced ingredients by master chefs. Choose from an a la carte or buffet dining options. However, the buffet is the reason why you should head to this restaurant.

You can choose from a variety of dishes from the chafers or head to the live counter for fresh just-off-the-pan food in the buffet. You also get to customize the dishes according to your palate. The live kitchens also add tremendously to the experience. Order, sit back and watch as the chefs do their magic.

The all-day buffet menu consists of a mix of local as well as other Indian, Western and Asian cuisines. You can taste authentic Goan fish curry, Italian pasta and chilli at this dining place. Undoubtedly, this is amongst the best places for a buffet lunch in Goa.

The expansive dessert line consists of a wide variety of sweets, from the local favourite Bebinca to Tiramisu and Chocolate brownie.

During your time at the restaurant, you should check out their well-stocked bar. The vast menu offers a variety of brands, right from the local Feni to international whiskeys, malts and aged wines. You can also let the bartender make you one of their signature cocktails.

The Leela Goa has special promotions on dining at The Restaurant. You can visit the official site for more information on promotions.

The Restaurant at The Leela Goa is open from 7.30 am for breakfast to 10.30 pm for dinner at night. The restaurant in Goa is a hot favourite of tourists, both domestic and foreign. Hence, make sure that you book a table beforehand to avoid any last-minute disappointment.