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Ace your Instagram profile with this to-do list for Goa

Taking a stroll on the beaches, guzzling some local Feni, chillaxing at hotels in Goa and partying the night away are activities that are at the top of the to-do list of people visiting Goa. However, there is more to Goa than the activities mentioned above. Make the right itinerary, and you can get away with some excellent snaps to add to your Instagram albums.
Given below is a list of things you should do in Goa to capture some insta-worthy pics:
1. Water sports
2. Visiting a butterfly conservatory
3. Visiting the flea market
4. Check out the spice plantations

Water sports

You might have noticed holiday packages in Goa list down the proximity of water-sport activities to hotels in Goa as one of the merits of staying at one of those hotels. This is because indulging in water sports is a popular activity in Goa, especially North Goa. You can try your hand at windsurfing, parasailing, jet skiing, catamaran sailing and diving.

The water-sport activities let you do the following:
-    Get your heart racing
-    Bring out the adventurer in you
-    Get some excellent boomerang videos

North Goa has many water sports operators, and you can find them wherever you spot herds of boats and water scooters parked in a corner of the beach.

Butterfly conservatory
Relaxing doesn’t have to be solely at Goa resorts and experiencing butterflies don’t have to be only inside your stomach. Check out a butterfly conservatory in Goa (you can find one in Ponda) and spend some time among the colourful, happy things fluttering around. Of course, you can do more than stand and watch them go about their business. You can feed the butterflies fruits and watch them cheerfully gather nectar.

Flea markets
Markets are aplenty in Goa. You can visit any market and check out some of the excellent local stuff available at each of the markets. A must-visit market is the flea market that is held every Wednesday on Anjuna Beach. Hundreds of tourists visit the market every week to buy items and collectables at a good bargain. You can find excellent gifts, handicrafts, artefacts, clothes, and souvenirs at the market. Along with these items, you can also find some unique food stalls that serve traditional and delicious Goan food. You may also come across foreigners making some quick bucks by selling authentic international foods at one section.

Spice plantations

If you want to go somewhere off-beat in Goa, a spice plantation could do the job. At the properties, you can walk through aromatic plantations and learn about different spices. The Sahakar Spice Farm and Savoi plantations are two famous plantations that deserve a visit. Apart from strolling through the natural beauty of the plantations, you can also play with elephants, depending on the place that you visit. You can also give the elephants a bath or sit on their backs while they splash you with water.

With this list of things to do in Goa, you can focus on the more important tasks of, checking out holiday packages in Goa, making hotel bookings, and making the associated travel bookings for an excellent vacation in the state.