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What makes Goa the perfect destination for luxury travel in India

Luxury travel is a broad phenomenon. It has no specific definition but is instead luxury travel is highly subjective and constantly changing. It is not merely opting for the best seats on the plane, or for that matter booking a chauffeur-driven limo and staying in the best luxury hotels; Luxury travel is, in fact, more about the experience; It is more about meeting your needs in their entirety rather than. It is meant for those that prefer the finer things in life, and who value the authenticity, and exclusivity that luxury travel offers. Though it is a relatively new concept in India, Indian travellers are no stranger to luxury travel. The country has a host of destinations to satisfy all your needs, however, Goa is one name that stands out when it comes to luxury travel in India.

Why Goa?

Goa is the land of golden beaches and azure skies. The quaint villages and the lush green slopes give the place a laidback and relaxed feel. The state is notorious for its parties as well as music festivals. Equally famous are its shacks and food. As a result, foreign as well as local tourists throng this place in droves. To cater to them, many hotels have come up in the state; a huge chunk of which are luxury resorts and hotels. Goa hotel packages are in demand the year-round.

What features make Goa the perfect luxury travel destination?

1.The idyllic atmosphere: The idyllic and peaceful atmosphere, combined with the relaxed vibe of the coastal state, makes it the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate and plan your escape from your daily life.

2.Perfect for any season: Unlike the common perception, Goa is suitable for every season. There is something to see all the year-round. As a result, Goa monsoon packages are equally in demand, compared to the summer and winter packages.

3.Beach access: How many times have you been to the beach to watch the sunset or just sit down and take down the sunset, only to find it crowded? With private beach access being offered by resorts in Goa, all these problems would be put to rest.

4.Dining: Goa is as famous for its beaches as it is for its food. Known for its seafood as well as pork specialities, you get the freshest catch. Also, the seafood here can vary from the local staple to the very exotic. Goa hotel packages offer you access to some of the best fine dining restaurants and bars.

5.Parties: Goa is known to host some of the biggest bashes. The beach setting makes it a perfect place for destination weddings too.

6. Therapy: With Goa hotel deals, including therapy and wellness packages at state-of-the-art spas and wellness centres, it is the perfect place for a wellness sojourn.

The Leela Goa

Situated right at the confluence of the river Sal and the Arabian Sea, the location of the hotel is unmatched. The hotel offers you the finest in luxury. Rooms with uninterrupted views of the Arabian Sea, private beach access, state of the art swimming pool, gym and a wellness centre and a Spa with the best therapists that offers a choice of wellness therapies and packages. The hotel also hosts some of the best fine-dining restaurant managed by chef well-known in culinary circles for their masterful art and skills. What is more, the Goa hotel packages can be customised to suit your needs.