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Vagator beach a must visit when in Goa

Goa is a destination that is ever in demand irrespective of the season. The coastal state is known for its many beaches that range from crowded and happening to secluded and tranquil. These beaches offer opportunities for everything- be it watersports, a beachside party, or a quiet picnic with your loved ones! Goa hotel packages offer you an itinerary that is packed with popular beaches. Of these, the Vagator beach is a must-visit.

The Vagator is one of the most beautiful beaches in North Goa in the Bardez taluka. Twenty-one kilometres and just about a half an hour’s drive from Panaji the beach itself is made of two beaches- Ozran and Tambduki. Vagator has a tranquil coastline with white sands and azure water. There are cliffs with red soil and palm trees. The rocky and secluded beach is known for its rave culture. Previously frequented by foreigners, it is now popular with Indian tourists too.

Why should you visit the Vagator?   

If you prefer the quiet and seclusion to the crowd, the Vagator beach is perfect for you. You can watch the sun set over the beach from the rocks or lay down your blanket and have a picnic lunch with your loved one. The beach is also perfect for a quiet evening walk, with the calm only broken by waves crashing over the rocks or a seagull quacking overhead.

Also known for the hippie culture, the beach is home to rave parties. The Sunburn festival recently shifted its venue to this beach.

There are small stalls near to the beach that sell everything- from ‘I love Goa’ T-shirts to ornaments, local handicrafts and Goa memorabilia that you can take home. You can grab a snack from the various small eateries and cafes.

Here is what you should not miss when in Vagator:

Ozran beach:

The beach offers a perfect mix of the sea and greenery. The white sands and the azure water perfectly complement the green cliffs on the other side of the beach. The rocky beach is isolated and devoid of commotion and is one of the best places to enjoy the sunset.

Tambduki beach:  

The beach to the other side of Ozran beach is the Tambduki beach or as tourists call it, the big Vagator. You can see the Chapora fort from the beach. There are also a variety of stalls selling souvenirs, trinkets, baubles and snacks.

Chapora fort:

This fort built by Adil Shah rises high above the Chapora river. The fort popularized by the Bollywood movie ‘Dil Chahta Hai’, is located on a hill and commands an excellent view of the surroundings. Though in a dilapidated state right now, it is an excellent place to wander around appreciating the beauty of the surroundings. Also, the views of the Arabian Sea from the fort are sure to make it to your Instagram feed.

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