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The beach countdown listing down the top sandy spots in Goa

Goa often sits at the top of the list for people who are enthusiastic about their first vacation to the country. During the first few trips, people often opt for Goa hotel deals and Goa hotel packages to add more value to their experience. Their trips are also more focused on the beaches, which is what Goa is famous for.

Since beaches in Goa are in the radar of nearly every tourist, the following list provides you with the top beaches to visit during your stay:

1. Morjim Beach
2. Anjuna Beach
3. Baga Beach
4. Palolem Beach

Morjim Beach

This beach is in the far north of Goa. It has wild areas of sand and several shacks and bars that give off an inviting feel when you look at it. If you visit the beach at the right time, you can catch the rare species of Olive Ridley sea turtles that make this beach as their nesting grounds. This phenomenon usually happens at the beginning of September, and if you time it right, you can utilise some of the Goa monsoon packages to visit Goa during this period.

Anjuna Beach
If you want to experience the classic Goan vibe, Anjuna Beach is one of the best spots to visit. During the day, you can see this beautiful beach sizzle with glowing white sand. The beach has many options for restaurants, shacks, and water-sports. You will come across a lot of people visiting this beach as a part of their respective Goa hotel and tour packages. The tangy, spicy, and fresh food served at the restaurants offers a taste of authentic Goan cuisine. Once the sun sets, the beach becomes a hub for some alluring nightlife. The flea market held here every Wednesday is a crowd-puller. If you happen to be in Goa on a Wednesday, you shouldn’t give it a miss.

Baga Beach

Go further down south of Morjim Beach, and you’ll reach Baga, one of the most popular beaches in the city. This beach has an atmosphere of its own, and one could say that when compared to, say Morjim, it is entirely on the opposite end. The inflow of tourism on this beach has led to a visitor-friendly infrastructure across its sands. The beach has a vibrant atmosphere, which is a result of the aromatic, welcoming beach shacks that are spread out across the vast stretch of golden sand. This famous beach is also a part of several Goa hotel deals, and this is one of the causes for the massive tourist inflow on this beach.

Palolem Beach
This beach has a scenic belt of golden sand, lined with lush green palm trees and lively beach shacks. Palolem stands top on the list of spectacular beaches. On this beach, you can laze around all day or take part in several activities. The beach provides a beautiful mix of things to do in South Goa that consists of beachside restaurants, flea market shopping and adventurous water sports. You can also take part in dolphin spotting, turtle spotting, yoga, kayaking, silent discos, and scuba diving.

Add this list in your to-visit lists for Goa to soak in all the sun, sand, and the sea that the state has to offer.