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Make sure to try these famous local vegetarian dishes in Goa

Goa has been associated with seafood since ages. Right from shacks lining the beach to luxury hotels in Goa- all are known for the non-vegetarian spread. However, did you know there are more than enough local delicacies for vegetarians too? We list some must-have vegetarian local dishes that you must not miss.

Sannas are Goan version of the South Indian Idlis. These are sweet and made from coconut and rice. Flavourful and soft, the Sannas are bursting with flavour with every bite. You can find these on almost every food stall in Goa. Resorts, as well as luxury hotels, have them featured prominently on their menus.

Goan Khatkhatem
It is the Goan rendition of the vegetable stew. Toor and Chana daal are mixed with vegetables like carrots, potatoes and peas are mixed in a spicy paste of coconut and red chillies and cooked. The stew is served with rice topped with ghee.

Bebinca is a much loved local dessert. Traditionally made with milk, sugar, flour and eggs, there are patisseries and hotels in Goa that serve eggless versions too. The batter is poured in a pan and then layered. The caramelised sugar gives the pudding its distinctive flavour.

This sweet dish is usually consumed at tea time. Made of tamarind leaves, it is stuffed with Goan rice, lined with rice paste and steamed. You are sure to find it at a local restaurant.

The Sorak is a simple Goan curry that is an excellent accompaniment for rice as well as roti. It is specially made in the monsoon. The spicy curry is made of a paste made from masala consisting of onions and tomatoes. Local restaurants in Goa serve Sorak with steaming hot rice. It is a staple in the local Thalis as well as the buffets at the various beach resorts in Goa.

Alle Belle
Alle Belle is soft melt in the mouth pancake made with a filling of coconut and jaggery. You can find other versions with dried fruit and nuts. You are sure to come across stalls in Goa selling these. It is rolled up and served with tea.

Moongachi Gathi
It is a traditional Goan dish made using sprouted green gram in a coconut gravy. Moongachi Gathi is regularly prepared in local households. It is also served during various religious functions without onions and garlic. It can be had with Pooris as well as rice.

One of the best places to try the local cuisine is The Leela Cavelossim. It is one of the few 5 star hotels in Goa with a private beach as well as a riverside. Take in the magnificent vistas of the Arabian Sea as well as the Sal river as you gorge on the delicacies prepared by local chefs at the award-winning restaurants. The culinary delights are bound to leave you asking for more.