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Getting around in Goa

It is that time of the year when people will be thronging to Goa. Goa hotel packages are in demand at this time. Be it the New Year bashes or the Christmas cheer, this is the best place for revelry and parties. So you too have booked your tickets to the most happening place in the country this time of the year. But what about getting from one place to another, or club hopping, or shopping? How do you get around in Goa? We have the answers. Read on to know more.

Rent a scooter or a motorcycle
This is the most obvious and preferred way of transport for tourists in Goa. Rentals are pretty common all over the place. A search for rental vehicles in Goa gives you many options. You can either pre-book your ride or go to their office and choose from the options available.
Take public transport
Goa has a good frequency of buses plying on the most frequented routes. Whether you want to go from North Goa to the South or back, you have the option of going for the state buses or the privately-owned ones. There are air-conditioned buses too.
Auto rickshaw
India is synonymous with Auto rickshaws. You can flag a rickshaw or a tuk-tuk down on almost every road or alley. Used for travelling small or moderate distances some even accept long-distance fares. What is more, you can even book an auto-rickshaw on the different cab aggregator apps online. It is the best way to take in Goa in all its glory.
This is probably the best way to explore Goa. The Goan coastline has many beaches that you can hop between just on foot. Besides, the colourful villages, the narrow alleyways and the quaint neighbourhood are best to explore when on foot. You can visit the colourful stalls selling knick-knacks, jewellery and local produce easily. Also, you can avoid all the hassles of parking your vehicle and looking after it. You can also meet and talk to the locals and take in the vibe in its entirety when on foot.

Chauffeured transportation
If you are the one for sitting in the backseat enjoying the scenery, engrossed in a novel or watching a movie as you are being ferried around to and fro, chauffeured transportation is perfect for you. When staying at a world-class hotel like The Leela Goa, you can pre-book the transport. Some of the Goa hotel packages also offer you a choice of vehicle. You can even make bookings from the comfort of your room in the hotel after you have checked in by asking your concierge to make arrangements for you. This makes sure that you can fully enjoy your vacation without worrying about transportation, where to park and taking care of the vehicle.

It is always advisable to make your transportation well in advance so that you have everything sorted when you actually check-in. Goa hotel deals also come with transportation. This way you can spend your time exploring rather than hailing auto-rickshaws or struggling to find a rental in Goa.