7 Tips to choose the right business hotel

7 Tips to choose the right business hotel

Planning an event is stressful, and a business event is even more difficult. However, one way to make your event hassle-free is to pick the right hotel for your business requirements. A hotel should have all the amenities nearby like conference rooms, convention centre, exhibition centre, or a banquet hall. And then comes the question of accommodation. While there are various factors that go into a successful business event, one needs to be always prepared for last-minute requests. Following are the factors to consider before finalising a business hotel:

1. Location

One of the first things to look out for while choosing a business hotel is its location. While this sounds obvious, but business hotel bookings are mainly made on the basis of location. Makes sure you book a hotel which is centrally located so that you can hail taxis to wherever you want to go.

2. Access to transportation

Make sure that the hotel you choose is close to transportation hubs like a bus stop, train stations and airports. The establishment’s proximity to transport is an important factor as you cannot spend time only in getting from one point of the city to another. You can always hire a taxi from a well-positioned hotel.

3. Rooms and other facilities

A comfortable and room full of amenities is what one needs after a long day of work. Make sure that you check out rooms that have all the basic amenities and covers all your requirements. A hotel with a conference room will be cherry on the cake as you won’t have to go far to conduct business meetings.
4. Food Choices

A hard-working day calls for a meal that's worth it. Although there is not much time when there’s a business event going on, it is still crucial to make sure that the food is up to the mark.

5. Level of Service

After a long day of travel and especially when you are jet-lagged, it is nice to be treated well by the hotel staff. It is crucial that when you request for an early morning wake-up call, the request is carried on time or when you are hungry, there is someone quickly fulfilling your food requests. There is nothing more important than a staff that is courteous and looks after your needs.

6. Proximity to Convention and Exhibition Centres

It is beneficial if your business hotel includes a convention centre or an exhibition centre. Or it is advisable that you get a hotel which is closer to these venues. As time is of the essence, you will be able to save much more by choosing such a well-equipped establishment.

7. Check out the Reviews

One should always get the better out of this internet age and the best way while choosing a hotel is by going through its reviews. You can check the reviews on the hotel’s website or through any hotel booking portal. 

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