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5 gardens to visit when in the garden city

Bengaluru is quite well-known for its gardens. Amongst the high rises, a multitude of corporate parks and bumper to bumper traffic, the city’s gardens and parks come as a welcome respite to the city dwellers. The gardens are amongst the most famous tourist places in Bengaluru as well. When in Bengaluru, do not miss out on these 5 famous gardens.

Lal Bagh Botanical Garden

If you love to be surrounded by greenery, then you are sure to be amazed by this place. Planned during the regime of Hyder Ali, the garden introduced various ornamental and medicinal plants to India. The sound of chirping birds amidst the flowing river. Counted amongst the most popular places to visit in Bengaluru, the park houses over 1000 varieties of flora. Unsurprisingly, it is also home to many flower shows.

Cubbon Park

Situated in the heart of the city, amidst 300 acres of land, this park is a must-visit place when in Bengaluru. Splendid landscaping with bamboos, nicely maintained flower-beds, thickets of trees and green carpet of grass make for an experience unlike other. The park is home to exotic varieties of bamboo, chestnut, oaks and other plants. The aquarium situated inside this park is a must-visit.

Cariappa Memorial Park

The park is dedicated to an army officer, Field Marshal K. M. Cariappa. With a tall statue of the soldier at the entrance, small bushes, shrubs and flower plants adorn the garden. A small water fountain set amidst the flowering plants adds to the beauty of the park. Let your child play games, enjoy on the swings or the merry go around, or have a quiet picnic with your loved ones in this park as the sun sets.

Lumbini Gardens

As the name suggests, it is dedicated to Lord Buddha and named after Lumbini of Nepal. Located on the banks of a lake, there are many reasons to visit this garden. The garden has clubs, fountains, kid’s park, a walk-around stretch, lake and lush greenery. The park is amongst the best places that you can visit in Bengaluru and is the first choice of families as well. The garden also houses a small water-themed amusement park.

Bugle Rock

The Bugle Rock greets you with a bust of the head of a woman holding a bugle. The park is set around a jagged rock formation. There is a temple for Ganapati and Nandikesha within the park for those looking for a dose of spirituality. There is also an amphitheatre inside the park. The park is also home to a rare species of bat, which you are likely to spot.
Whether you are in Bengaluru for a business meeting or for leisure, make sure to include this in your Bengaluru sightseeing itinerary. And if you are looking for a luxury hotel to stay, check out The Leela Palace Bengaluru. Classy stay options, fine food and impeccable hospitality make for a stay that is enjoyable and memorable in equal measures.