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4 reasons to opt for hotel packages in Goa

Getting the most out of your stay in Goa can add an extra touch of comfort to your stay. Tourists often opt for Goa hotel deals when planning for their vacation to the state. Why? Well, there will be ample reasons for this, and we will highlight the top four.

Here are four reasons that persuade people to opt for hotel deals in Goa:

1.Attractions in Goa
2.Monsoon in Goa
3.Luxury Resort in Goa
4.Dining options in Goa

These reasons touch upon the various offerings and overall experience of the visiting Goa and living at a luxury resort.

#1 Goa and its offerings

Goa is well-known for its delicious Goan seafood, the happening nightlife, attractive beaches, palm trees, and of course, the affordable alcohol. It’s no wonder then that packages for Goa hotels often get used up in a jiffy. Who wouldn’t want to experience some of these aspects of this beautiful state, especially when there are packages available for Goa hotels?

#2 Beauty of monsoons in Goa

There’s a prevalent myth that abounds when you mention a visit to Goa - Avoid going in the monsoons. Although some people might have their own ‘legitimate reasons’ for not visiting the state during the rains, you do not need to conform to this myth. The palm trees and the sandy beaches of Goa are a beautiful sight to view when the rains abound and the tourists visiting are less in numbers. Additionally, the period of monsoons is not a peak period for tourism, and you may find monsoon packages for Goa that might be cheaper than ones found during peak periods.

#3 Staying at India’s only Beach and Riverside Luxury resort

When visiting popular destinations viz. Goa, getting the hotel right must be an essential part of your planning. A luxury resort such as The Leela Goa offers the right blend of signature facilities and generous hospitality to live in during your time in the state.

Situated in Salcette, the property has

-Lagoon Terrace Rooms – that have a touch of Portuguese architecture
-Lagoon Suites – with Dedon balcony furniture and a view of the lagoon
-Club Pool Suite – that has features like a private plunge pool and an all-marble bathroom
-Presidential Villa – complete with a private terrace and a Jacuzzi pool
Rooms like these are ideal for utilising any available Goa monsoon packages as the facilities ensure that you can be comfortable inside your room when you’re not too keen on stepping out into the rains.

#4 Sampling the delicious fare at The Leela

A majority of times, the rating of a destination or vacation often boils down to food, and The Leela Goa has offerings that can take care of most of your dining needs during your stay at the property.

Here’s a brief (and interesting) list of dining experiences you can avail at The Leela Goa:

-   Susegado - known for its fresh salads, refreshing lunch fare, grilled meat and seafood
-    Riverside - overlooks the Sal river and offers some authentic Italian cuisine
-    Jamavar - a signature Indian restaurant that serves up authentic North Indian & South Indian dishes
-    The Restaurant - an all-day dining restaurant that serves authentic food from different cuisines at its live kitchens

We’ve covered all the 4 reasons to opt for a stay package for your vacation in Goa, from the popular attractions in the state to the staying and dining facilities offered at our property. Check out some of the packages available and book your stay today.