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4 offbeat places to visit in South Goa

Taking the off-beaten path on a vacation can be immensely fulfilling. Offbeat itineraries let travellers see the side of a city or country that’s different and often more interesting than your regular tourist hotspots. Also, it is often the most-visited states or cities that sometimes have the most unique hidden gems and places to visit. This makes Goa an ideal destination to plan a vacation out of the ordinary.

The following places in Goa are some offbeat destinations in the state that are a must-visit during your stay.


Beaches are aplenty in Goa. However, the most popular and happening beaches in Goa are also often the most crowded ones. Luckily, the beauty of beaches in Goa isn’t defined by their tourist inflows, and you could try exploring some of the more offbeat beaches in the state. Here are three offbeat Goa beaches to get you started on the exploration:

Cidade/Vainguinim Beach – A colourful beach in Goa that gives off a chic European vibe.

Cavelossim/Mobor Beach – These beaches have long stretches of white sands and black rocks. Visitors can take trips for dolphin sighting at Cavelossim Beach.

Palolem Beach – A beach known for beautiful sunsets, and an even more unique offering, a silent party (headphone party).

Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary

Leave it to nature to make your trip surpass the ordinary. The Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary is the most spectacular sanctuary in Goa, covering around 240 km of moist deciduous forests. This sanctuary is situated close to the Karnataka border in the Western Ghats, and you can find a lot of species inhabiting the sanctuary, including panthers, leopards, and tigers. You may also spot the Gaur, which is the national animal of the state.

Big Foot Museum

This museum in Goa, which is also called the Ancestral Goa Museum, is a property that showcases the ethereal beauty of Goan heritage. Entering into this museum engulfs the visitor into an atmosphere of nostalgia and charm. The property has an assortment of clay mannequins and handmade handicrafts on display that showcase the traditional occupations that existed in the state, such as feni distillation and the making of sea salt. You will also notice cultural traditions like crafts and folk dances that have been beautifully displayed at the museum. The prime attraction of this museum is the 14-foot long rock carving of Saint Mirabai that has been created singlehandedly in just over a month’s time. If you want to experience the history of Goa presented in all its visual splendour, a visit to this museum is a must during your Goa trip.


There’s something about water falling from a height and crashing on the rocks, that stirs the soul. May be it’s the sound created by the flowing water, the crystal sheen that exists on the falling stream, or the lush environment around a waterfall that is brought to life by the beautiful flora and fauna. The Bamanbudo waterfalls in Gaodongrem, Canacona district, can be visited for a quick dip to energize you during a tiring day. The Harvalem waterfalls near Sanquelim village is a sight to behold, courtesy of the foamy waters that give it a milky-white appearance. These waterfalls are secluded in their location, so ensure that you know someone who can guide you with directions. Well known luxury resorts and hotels in Goa like The Leela Goa will help you plan your travel in the city and also offer facilities to complement your travel plans.

These offbeat places will be more than enough to make your trip to Goa unique and positively different from the more clichéd tourist spots. Book a beach-view room today at The Leela Goa, one of the luxury beach facing resort