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AGM/EGM/postal ballot Notices
2019 Postal Ballot Form 2019 Postal Ballot Notice 2019
2017 Postal Ballot Form Dec 2017 Postal Ballot Notice Dec _2017 AGM Notice 2017 Postal Ballot Notice June 2017
2016 Postal Ballot Form Postal Ballot Notice Postal-Ballot-Notice cum Ballot Form-Aug 2016 AGM-Notice-2016
2015 AGM Notice Postal Ballot Form Postal Ballot Notice
2014 AGM Notice Published Notice of AGM Postal Ballot Notice Postal Ballot Published Notice
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Declarations of Voting results
2019 Postal Ballot Result April 2019
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Unclaimed dividend
2010-11 Unclaimed dividend Financial Year 2010-11

Notice to shareholders holding shares in physical form Notice – July 2018

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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance is based on the principles of integrity, fairness, equity, transparency, accountability and commitment to values. Good governance practices stem from the quality and mindset of the organization.

Committees of the Board

Code of Conduct

Insider Trading Code

Board of Directors

Mr. Vivek Nair (Chairman & Managing Director)                            View profile

Mr. Dinesh Nair (Co-Chairman & Managing Director)                     View profile

Mr. Vinay Kapadia (Non-Executive Independent Director)             View profile        View Appointment Letter

Mr. Vijay Sharma (Non-Executive Independent Director)                View profile       View Appointment Letter

Ms. Saija Nair (Non-Executive Independent Director)                     View profile       View Appointment Letter

Corporate Governance Policies

Code of Practices and Procedures

Policy for Determination of Materiality of Events

Policy for Determining Material Subsidiaries

Policy for Preservation of Documents

Policy on Board Evaluation Framework

Policy on Familiarization Program for Independent Directors

Policy on Related Party Transactions

Policy on Remuneration Policy - Criteria

Whistle Blower Policy



Board Meeting Outcome May 27 2019

Board Meeting Notice May 2019

Postal Ballot update April 24 2019

NCLT petition by ITC Apr 23 2019

Board Meeting Outcome March 18 2019

NCLT Application JMFARC

Board Meeting Notice Feb 2019

Board Meeting Outcome Nov 12 2018

Board Meeting Notice November 2018

NCD disclosure Oct 01 2018

Demise of Mrs Anna Malhotra Ind. Director

Board Meeting Outcome Aug 13 2018

Board Meeting Notice  UFR June 2018

Intimation of AGM - Book Closure -Evoting

NCD disclosure 22-06-2018

Board Meeting Outcome June 11 2018

Board Meeting Outcome May 30, 2018

Board Meeting reschedulement

Board Meeting Notice May 2018

Outcome of Board Meeting - 9-5-2018

NCD disclosure  17 04 2018

Resignation of Director 26 04 2018

Board Meeting Outcome Feb 9 2018

Board Meetiing Notice UFR Dec 2017

Postal Ballot Results January 25, 2018

Board Meeting Outcome Dec 7 2017

Board Meeting Notice UFR Sep 2017

AGM Outcome Sep 18 2017

Board Meeting Outcome - Sep 8, 2017

Postal Ballot Results - July 2017

Board Meeting Outcome - May 25, 2017

Board Meeting Notice - May 2017

Postal Ballot Results- April- 2017

Announcement – Feb 2017

Resignation of Independent Director

Board of Meeting Notice for UFR Sep 2016

Board Meeting Notice for UFR June 2016

Exchange intimation re. High Court Order

Annual Audited Financial Result 2015-16

Board Notice_17052016

Appointment of Director - UFR


Completion of the sale of Goa Hotel Undertaking

Board Meeting Notice

KMPs_Stock Exchanges

Clarification on Court Order

Board Meeting 10022017

Resignation- KU Mada

Resignation- Nambiar