Intrinsically, Chennai is known for the infectious exuberance of its people - predominantly Tamil-speaking as well as a large percentage of inhabitants from all over India and the world. Also known as the Detroit and auto hub of India, Chennai is a stunning blend of the young and old, with a vivacious pulse. It displays a mix of cultural heritage left behind by the Portuguese, Dutch, French, and the British, who landed on the shores of the land at various times in history.

    Sitting in a quiet neighborhood near the central business district and looking out to the Bay of Bengal, The Leela Palace Chennai is a peaceful escape from the bustle of city life. The hotel offers guests the perfect ambience to spend their time in leisure, be it relaxing by the swimming pool surrounded by manicured gardens, a relaxing treatment at the spa, or indulging in our hotel art tour that showcases carefully selected works of art, luxurious textiles, and noble materials.

    Make the best of the experiences here, at the hotel or beyond its walls - all of which, we assure you, will leave you recharged.

    Get pampered at The Spa, or keep in shape at our fitness centre. Then let our concierge plan a day trip for you - perhaps to Mahabalipuram, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, that was built between the 7th and 9th centuries, or to Fort St. George, the very first fort the British ever built in India. Then get on a spiritual ride at Kapileshwar or Sri Parthasarathy Temples or stroll along the second longest beach in the world, the Marina Beach. Set out on a shopping spree for the most sought-after silk in this part of the world, the Kanchipuram silk. And end the evening with the sweet symphony of Carnatic music while feasting on some authentic Chettinad cuisine.

    Our concierge will assist you with a curated itinerary 'Bazaar Trails' to experience the vibrant culture of Chennai city. If you are looking to sample the local life and pulse of Chennai, then this experience is truly best suited. Our expert guide will take you through the by lanes of Georgetown, where plenty of history, mythology, and folklore intertwine to give you a glimpse of the city's heritage.