Soak in the local history of Goa with a visit to the Braganza House, which was built in the 17th century. The artefacts it houses are very much in keeping with the grandeur of the bygone era. Once the eyes have encapsulated the architectural heritage of Goa, it will be time for your palate to captivate the culinary essence. It surely promises to be a memorable affair. The 213 year old mansion - Palácio Do Deão was built by a Portuguese man, who was the Dean of the Church and founder of Quepem town. The house faces the church he built and is on the banks of the beautiful Kushavati River. The visit is followed by a traditional Goan lunch.

    Goa is home to renowned churches and temples like Basilica of Bom Jesus church. Old Goa where the body of St. Francis Xavier still lies in a glass and silver casket, is the most famous of all. Shri Manguesh and Shri Shantadurga Temple in Ponda are also popular among guests.

    Golf enthusiasts, can tee-off at our 12-hole, par-3 executive golf course. For guests who are looking at some fun outdoor activities, options include beach volleyball, a variety of water sports, archery, pilates, circuit training, nature walk and lots more. And for those looking for a more relaxed time, choose from Reiki, Pranayama, family foosball, karaoke, etc to keep themselves entertained.

    Indulge in leisure activities made available to pamper you. Spend time by the pool or play a round of golf or lay by the beach listening to the waves - You’re sure to be spoiled for choice.


    Cultural Meanderings
    An experience that introduces you to the history of Goa, this is a recommended diversion for those with an inquisitive mind. Check with our concierge on the sightseeing possibilities for your trip into town.  A drive around this tropical paradise gives one a sneak-peak display of the traditional and modern Portuguese architecture.

    Nature Walk - A Palatial Bird Sanctuary
    The Leela Goa has been a beacon of luxury and comfort for discerning travellers to south Goa’s idyllic Mobor. Known for its gorgeous meandering lagoons, the resort is a surprising haven for feathered creatures. How this luxurious resort came to be a sanctuary for migratory birds is a less-known yet interesting story. At the very initial stage of the construction of the resort, it was observed that a few young birds were struggling for their survival in and around the water bodies that were being shaped. On probing the causes, it was realized that these were the young migratory birds left behind by the fit –for-survival flock that flew back home. Being nature lovers the management then took it upon themselves to care for and extend their hospitality to the feathered friends. As work progressed we added features to the resort such as islands, various types of fish and different varieties of fruit and seed-producing trees for the prosperity of the indigenous and migratory birds. This provided a natural refuge where their winged friends found a home – their own tropical aviary. What is pretty evident of this property is that the showcasing of nature and best environmental practices are pivotal to the hotel’s USP and charm. So, while The Leela Goa has fully capitalised on its beach town allurements, it’s got other thrills in store for nature enthusiasts, among which are the delightful encounters with its avifaunal occupants.

    The 60-minute nature walk journeys past the breath-taking flora and fauna. Witness several species of spice and herbal plants which have great medicinal purposes in addition to the beautiful birds around.