Quintessential Experience - Culinary at Gandhinagar


    Revel in culinary excellence in a lavish setting, spanning a host of cuisines, served in picturesque environs. Choose from our stunning indoor and outdoor dining venues for a culinary repertoire unparalleled.

    Culinary Masterclass with our Master Chefs
    When it comes to weekend getaway, The Leela Gandhinagar is an ideal destination for families to enjoy and relax in the twin city. Whilst you embrace the tranquility and charm of the hotel through super comfortable rooms and state of art amenities, one can also look at indulging the inner chef by learning to make pizza under the guidance of our very talented culinary artists. Learn the art of pizza base to baking it under the right temperature and surprise yourself with the perfect evening tasteful meal that will inspire you to a new form of recreation. You can look at learning the best of New York inspired mocktails under the guidance of well experienced mixologists and refresh your tired soul with some much needed tantalizing mocktails.