COVID-19 preparedness

COVID-19 Preparedness



  • Thermal scanning of all individuals and luggage on arrival
  • Offering free sanitisers at all entry gates
  • Maintenance of social distancing
  • Enforcing that masks are mandatorily worn
  • Ensuring all visitors self-screen and fill out a declaration
  • Availability of a dedicated medical and isolation room, if required


  • Enhanced cleanliness protocols and use of hospital-grade, EPA-approved chemicals have been introduced
  • Adequate alcohol-based hand sanitisers provided at frequent intervals
  • Washrooms are sanitised every hour as per upgraded hygiene protocols
  • Frequently touched surfaces (doorknobs, lift buttons, staircase railing, faucets, etc) are sanitised hourly
  • All public areas are sanitised every 2-3 hours
  • Soft furnishings (carpets, rugs, upholstery, etc) are cleaned and sanitised every 8 hours
  • Diversey specified disinfectant sprayed in all open areas, including time office, loading dock areas and all entry gates 
  • Appropriate PPE (mask, hair cap, gloves, etc) are worn by staff during cleaning

Convention Operations

Convention Operations
  • Seating inside the Convention and Seminar halls is flexible to accommodate social distancing norms. Every session begins with a brief on COVID-19 protocols and guidelines
  • A task force with event organisers implements Covid-19 prevention plan during events, in case of an emergency
  • Advisory signage across premises to guide attendees
  • Social distancing ensured by opening multiple entries to facilitate ease of entry and exit
  • Disinfection of furniture with Diversey specified disinfectant before every session


  • Registration of all vehicles along with event support staff prior to setup
  • Sterilisation of vehicle and non-electronic equipment with appropriate disinfectants
  • Dedicated entry and exit for support vehicle and setup support teams
  • Temperature checks at regular intervals of all support staff
  • Dedicated isolation room and accessibility to nearest hospital
  • A separate task force for exhibition halls to ensure social distancing norms and hygiene protocols are followed at all times 
  • Dedicated space for support staff to restrict movement in and out of premises
  • Basic operation support (man-lift, hydra, wire masking equipment, electrical safety equipment, etc) available on request
  • Waste management as per COVID-19 protocols to be maintained by all exhibitors during setup and event days


  • COVID-19 screening protocols followed for all associates and vendors 
  • Self-declaration and health check-ups for all associates and external vendors
  • PPE kits to be worn by all food handlers 
  • Mandatory disinfection of vendor vehicle
  • Consumable and non-consumable food material to be washed as per FSSAI guidelines
  • Only prepacked food on offer for mass catering as per FSSAI guidelines
  • Food counter advised for 200–400 pax. A full-service Live station. Prepacked salad and dessert. No self-service concept
  • Multiple distribution counters with social distance markings; crowd management by dedicated security guard 
  • Online modes of payments encouraged to minimise handling of cash