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ESPA body treatments combine the best of ancient and modern techniques to release tension and leave you feeling deeply relaxed and rebalanced. Experience the physical and emotional therapeutic benefits of these advance body treatments which are tailored to your specific needs.


Our AyurvedicAbhyangatreatmentstarts with a luxurious foot ritual and consultation to establish your Dosha type.A refreshing facial cleansing follows to restore and uplift the delicate facial skin.Then, Dosha specific Ayurvedic oils unite with long, soothing symmetrical techniques of Abhyanga massage to totally rejuvenate and restore natural balance, increasing vitality and enhancing well being. The ritual is completed with a Shirodhara treatment.


To experience traditional but sophisticated Ayurvedic inspired treatments enjoy a Dosha specific inspired massage & wrap. This treatment begins with a foot cleansing ritual followed by a full body exfoliation to enhance circulation. Individually prepared warm ESPA oils combined with Ayurvedic blends are poured on during a Dosha specific massage with hot stones. Following this, the skin is covered in an application of warm Marine Algae, Marine Mud and wrapped in natural linens. A luxurious oriental head massage is also included combining deep inhalation of therapeutic aromatic oils to relax and clear the mind.


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