We bring you everything you need to help detox yourself. Find out how you can find a balance between your stress levels and fitness goals.

Wellness benefits when it becomes a way of life. And that’s why we have designed a Spa cuisine menu. Ask our therapist about the dairy- and gluten-free foods. Also ask for the organic, local and seasonal ingredients that we source as well as the immunity-enhancing probiotics, antioxidants and omega oils that we incorporate in our food.

ESPA Retreats at The Leela include full use of the Fitness Studio, Sauna, Steam and Relaxation areas. We would like to encourage you to arrive at least 30 minutes  prior to your appointment time in order to make full use of the spa facilities.


Each ESPA Retreat commences with a welcoming foot cleanse and rosehip exfoliation and consultation to prepare mind and body for the experiences that follow.


The Leela Spa Retreats

  • Relax at The Leela
  • City escape
  • Jetlag eliminator
  • Detox therapy