Away from the rigours of the daily life, revitalise your being with the techniques of meditation. Reconnect with yourself. Slow down. Breathe.

Yoga is a discipline that combines an individual’s physical, mental and spiritual consciousness with that of the universe. Yoga is suitable for a person of any age as its asanas and mudras support and sustain the body. No matter what your level of fitness is, regular yoga practice will help relieve your external ailments and improve your health.

At The Leela Mumbai, we offer yoga and meditation sessions tailored to your personal wellness goals and levels of yoga practice.
Daily complimentary group classes are held by the pool, and customised by group. Our yoga instructor is also available on call for private or group sessions. Yoga at The Leela is a combination of classical Hatha and Vinyasa flow, Pranayama and meditation.

Take some time out of your daily schedule to best reap the benefits of yoga and meditation. Let our instructors demonstrate asanas specific to your health needs. Watch your mind and body invigorate with each passing day.