Get knowledgeable about yoga and all the benefits it can bring you. Our trained yoga masters can help you through various stages of yoga.

Stretch, breathe and stay aware. Yoga, the classical Indian science, deals with the search for the connection between the body, mind and soul. Indeed, the word ‘Yoga’ translates to ‘fusion’ of body, mind and soul.

At the Favourite Kerala Ayurveda and Spa, we provide yoga packages that suit your requirements. Learn asanas and praanayaama techniques under the guidance of yoga masters.

Our treatment packages include Yoga Awareness Programme, General Yoga, Advanced Yoga, which offer a demonstration of different asanas. The Suryanamaskar series demonstrates the 12 steps in the classical sun salutation with variations. The Praanayaama package trains one in the art of regulating prana, or life force, through breathing techniques like Kapaalbhaati Kriya and other Praanayaamas.

We also have a treatment package around various Mudras and Bandhaks, to help deeper neuro-muscular coordination and thus deeper awareness about oneself.

Make the most of ancient wisdom. Call us to know more.