The Favourite Spa has its own specialized Ayurvedic Doctor, Panchakarma Therapists and traditional medicines sources from Kerala. Our treatments include signature Ayurveda therapies like abhyangsnana, synchronised abhyangasnana, chavuttithirumu and Kalari massage; eye therapies; and head and back therapies.

Hours: 7:00 am to 10:00 pm

To make reservations, please call +91 (471) 305 1234 or email spa.kovalam@theleela.com


Ayurveda is the science of life, not exclusive to just either physical or mental health. It is the science of achieving holistic wellbeing.


While massages, oils and natural herbs used for detoxifying can surely help towards achieving good health, they are only parts of the Ayurvedic process. Ayurveda guides us to achieve a constant state of wellbeing through a combination of aromatic oil massages, herbal medicines, conscious eating habits and physical and mental exercises.

Ayurveda maybe rightly considered one of the most natural paths back into you.

Extended over almost 8000 sq ft of space, the Favourite Kerala Ayurveda and Spa takes inspiration from the subtleties of nature. The panoramic view of the Arabian Sea stretching out unendingly sets the mood for rejuvenation. Light tones used on the walls across the facility add to the unhurried feel.