Yoga is a way of life, starting with your breath and settling deep into your being.The benefits of yoga go beyond stretches, for every asana, mudra or praanayama has evolved to lead one into mindful meditation through every passing moment. And with the right teacher by your side, you could go even beyond the stretches and postures to find the many benefits of yoga.


Acquire a calm mind as you stretch your body and soothe your thoughts under the gentle care of our certified Yoga instructors. Group sessions take place every morning in the Yoga Center, a scenic pavilion that is a quiet escape amidst the lush greenery of the The Leela Palace Bengaluru. Appointments are also available on request, as are private or group sessions. Let our yoga masters teach you the art of uncluttering the rigours of your life.


The yoga and meditation sessions here are tailored to your personal wellness goals as well as various levels of yoga practice.