We can successfully help you host an event or celebrations of any scale. We have a choice of venues suitable for grand lavish weddings, engagements or special birthdays and also for smaller more intimate affairs. The team can cater to your individual requirements and special needs.


Navratri the most popular and lavishly celebrated festival can be enjoyed at one of the large and spacious halls. We can help you make the nine days joyous and memorable.


For khadi, handloom and textile exporters there are perfect spaces for to build runaways where models can sashay down with exclusive creations made with Indian fabrics. Showcase them in style at the venue of your preference.


The Auditorium as well as the Amphitheatre is a perfect place to host folk performances, musical evenings and theatrical performances. We can effortlessly guide you through the planning.


Art organisers can host magnificent Art events at the halls which can showcase the fabulous art and installation collections of galleries all over India.